Global P2P Bitcoin-backed
non-custodial lending platform

Lend and Borrow globally and anonymously

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Loan Amount
LTV ratio

LTV ratio shows the relation between the Loan amount and the value of the Collateral. In case the value of the Collateral goes down – the LTV ratio goes up and additional Collateral will be required to balance this ratio.

Loan term

How does it work?

YOU set the terms

Contract is created. Our platform generates unique escrow for it.

Step 1

Borrower deposits Bitcoin as collateral in the escrow directly from his wallet.

Step 2

Lender transfers loan amount to the Borrower according to the Contract.

Step 3

When the loan is repaid, Lender releases Bitcoin back to Borrower's wallet.

Step 4
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Key features

Simple and safe P2P lending

Hodler focused

Keep holding onto your bitcoins

Highly liquid collateral

Bitcoin is a great collateral asset with high liquidity


Your keys, your coins

No third party involved

Transfer and receive funds directly to/from your counterparty


Global anonymous P2P lending


Multisig (P2SH) contracts, you control a key to the funds in escrow

No hidden fees

Transparent terms and conditions

No commission

No fees for lenders

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